Chilawee Trails Camp | What To Expect
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What to Expect

What to Expect

Chilawee Trails welcomes 56 campers per week, in two week-long sessions.  The campground has 4 barracks with space for two cabins per barrack.


Each cabin has 7 campers, one counselor and one CIT. This is the group your daughter will participate in camp activities with.  Your daughter’s counselor and CIT are focused on building cabin camaraderie early on to ensure a fun and successful week at camp.

Sports and games

Campers participate in canoeing, swimming, hiking and daily sports.  The campers and staff hike up a nearby trail to experience a spectacular view and take a canoe trip around the lake.

On the last full day of camp, the oldest campers host an Olympics Day event where cabins compete against each other in various games and races.

Helping hands

Each cabin takes turns setting up and cleaning the mess hall for each meal and keeping the camp bathrooms clean.  Campers work with each other to keep their cabins neat and tidy throughout the week.


Campers participate in craft sessions every day where they can exercise or discover the many artistic talents they have.  The crafts are accessible to all skill levels and often make for cherished souvenirs of camp.

Dance and drama

Campers participate in daily drama workshops with improvisation activities and work with their cabin to develop and rehearse a skit to perform in front of the camp at the end of the week.  Your daughter can share her talents with the rest of the camp in one of talent shows held in the evenings.

Our Guardian Angel program promotes generosity and helping others by encouraging random acts of kindness. Each camper and staff member is given someone to secretly watch over from the beginning of camp.  The guardian angels perform small tasks, leave little gifts, and send encouraging notes.  This spreads joy and ensures even first-time campers feel welcomed.

The staff

The staff at Chilawee Trails is a team of warm and responsible people dedicated to ensuring that your daughter has a fun filled, meaningful week at camp. All staff participate in an extensive two-tier leadership training program. Many of them are previous campers, anxious to recreate their own experience for a new generation of campers.

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